Karolin - Centre for Polish Folklore

The perfect venue for your meeting, conference, team event or workshop, which can be paired with a Mazowsze Ensemble performance or a tour of the Centre for Polish Folklore. Take advantage of our onsite dining and bed and breakfast as well as a range of conference and events spaces, all beautifully situated just a 40 minute drive from Warsaw.


  • Concerts and productions in the Mazowsze Ensemble Performance Hall
  • Behind-the-scenes backstage tours
  • Chamber concerts
  • Tours of the Centre for Polish Folklore
  • Song, dance and craft workshops
  • Talks and presentations
  • Park walks

Performance Hall

Our state of the art Performance Hall seats up to 600 people with a multipurpose 1100m² auditorium. It features:
  •  A 270m² stage (height: 13m, depth: 16m, width: 17m)
  •  A flexible and adaptable seating or workshop space
  • High-spec music, sound and video equipment


The foyer offers 850m² of additional space over two floors, which can be adapted to suit individual needs. With the adjacent terrace, it is the perfect venue for networking, post-conference refreshments, exhibitions, banquets and shows.
See the Mazowsze Ensemble repertoire to find out more about concerts and productions. Each event is organised in a bespoke manner and the artistic programme can be tailored to suit individual needs and requirements.


A Kaleidoscope of Polish Colours
Mazowsze’s flagship concert, and the essence of what the Ensemble has been presenting on the world’s stages for the past seventy-five years.
The Supposed Miracle, or Cracovians and Highlanders
Directed and adapted by Andrzej Strzelecki, this musical production based on Wojciech Bogusławski’s comic opera was first performed to mark Mazowsze Ensemble’s sixty-fifth anniversary. Focusing on male-female relationships, Mazowsze’s take on the first Polish opera of the Enlightenment is a humorous and moving story of love, friendship, conflict and reconciliation.
Polish Bethlehem
Lucjan Rydel’s Polish Bethlehem (Betlejem Polskie) is Mazowsze's signature Christmas Show: a patriotic production alluding to key moments in Polish history, featuring 150 actors, singers, dancers and musicians.
A Magical Journey – All of our Beautiful Poland
A colourful, musical show which takes our youngest audiences on a magical journey through Polish customs, dances, instruments, costumes and traditional crafts.
Fantasy on Poland – The Polish National Dances
The protagonists of the this theatrical “fantasy” are schoolchildren studying the Polish national dances under the eye of their teacher - a remarkable violin virtuoso. The audience learns about the five national dances along with the students, but also encounters the works of a number of composers for whom Polish traditional music served as a creative inspiration.
Romanca à la Kujawiak
The production introduces audiences to the origin, history and form of the five Polish national dances, through the story of two young people, fascinated by music and dance. Popular among school groups and young people, it features stunning performances by the Mazowsze Ensemble ballet group and orchestra.
The “youngest” of Mazowsze’s productions, showcasing the versatility of Mazowsze Ensemble’s artists, this colourful and humorous show encourages young audiences to reflect on important issues of inclusion and diversity.
Polish Christmas Carols
Many Poles can’t imagine Christmas without Mazowsze’s carols. Generations of Poles have become accustomed to hearing them on TV and on the radio at this beautiful time of year. It is probably safe to say, however, that nothing compares to a live performance of traditional carols and Christmas songs by the Mazowsze Ensemble choir and orchestra.
Patriotic Songs
Mazowsze National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble’s concert of patriotic songs is a staple for national holidays and state occasions. It is also perfectly suited to chamber halls, churches and smaller venues.
Hymns and Church Music
Mazowsze Ensemble’s symphony orchestra, renowned soloists and award-winning choir delight in this beautiful concert, which also provides a perfect musical backdrop for a mass or church service.
Mazowsze Symphonically
Renowned for the versatility of its repertoire, Mazowsze National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble's symphony orchestra presents classical concerts featuring pieces by the most eminent composers of all time.


Audience Services
tel: +48 22 208 82 00 / +48 22 208 82 01
e-mail: rezerwacja@mazowsze.waw.pl

How to find us

By Car

40 minutes from central Warsaw
28 km
Karolin is very well-connected with Warsaw and its suburbs. Situated at the junction of the 719 and 720 roads, it is very close to the S7 and S8 as well as to the A2 motorway. There are two large car parks onsite, as well as parking spaces on the road by the Ensemble’s headquarters.

From the Airport

25 mins from Warsaw’s Chopin Airport
27 km
The journey by car from Warsaw Chopin Airport to Karolin takes approximately 25 minutes. By train, take the S2 to Warsaw and change in central Warsaw for the Warsaw Commuter Railway to Otrębusy.

Warsaw Commuter Railway (WKD)

36 min from Warsazawa Sródmieście Station to Otrębusy Station
Walk 800 metres from Otrębusy Station to Mazowsze Ensemble’s headquarters in Karolin
Travel to and from Otrębusy Station is free of charge on Warsaw Commuter Railway (WKD) trains with a valid ticket to a Mazowsze performance at the Performance Hall in Karolin. The promotion is valid for two hours before and after the concert.