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The Stanisław Jopek International Singing Competition
Auditions for the competition’s 4th edition will begin in September 2024
More information coming soon …
The Stanisław Jopek Singing Competition was launched in response to the needs and requests of Mazowsze’s audiences, whose engagement with the Ensemble’s vocal repertoire is evident during every concert. Audience members sing along not only to Mazowsze’s “greatest hits”, but also to less well-known numbers. The idea to harness and popularise this audience engagement in the form of a vocal competition was born.

“We can say that this competition was the idea of Mazowsze’s audiences of the last 70 years”, says Jacek Boniecki, the Ensemble’s director. “We thought that as members of the public know our songs so well, why not go further? Why not create an opportunity to sing together?”

Subsidised by funds from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage