Karolin - Centre for Polish Folklore

Karolin is the venue for concerts and productions, primarily those of Mazowsze Ensemble, which feature over 100 performers and which have delighted audiences around the world for the last 75 years.  
The Centre for Polish Folklore, located in Karolin Palace, takes visitors on a colourful and musical journey through Polish culture and tradition. The Centre offers tours of the permanent exhibition and organises events for visitors of all ages. Karolin is located in 12 hectares of woodland, with an onsite restaurant and bed and breakfast.

Tours and Workshops

Visit the Centre for Polish Folklore in Karolin for tours, talks, concerts and workshops for visitors of all ages.
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School Trips

Mazowsze Ensemble’s repertoire includes educational shows for children and young people, which correspond with the Polish national curriculum for primary and secondary schools. The song, dance, stunning costumes and sublime live music guarantee our young audiences an unforgettable experience.

Group Visits

Groups are welcomed in Karolin – our concerts and productions will be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. They are best combined with a visit to the Centre for Polish Folklore and a walk through the beautiful Karolin park.


Audience Services
tel: +48 22 208 82 00 / +48 22 208 82 01
e-mail: rezerwacja@mazowsze.waw.pl

Centre for Polish Folklore in Karolin

How to find us

By Car

40 minutes from central Warsaw
28 km
Karolin is very well-connected with Warsaw and its suburbs. Situated at the junction of the 719 and 720 roads, it is very close to the S7 and S8 as well as to the A2 motorway. There are two large car parks onsite, as well as parking spaces on the road by the Ensemble’s headquarters.

From the Airport

25 mins from Warsaw’s Chopin Airport
27 km
The journey by car from Warsaw Chopin Airport to Karolin takes approximately 25 minutes. By train, take the S2 to Warsaw and change in central Warsaw for the Warsaw Commuter Railway to Otrębusy.

Warsaw Commuter Railway (WKD)

36 min from Warsazawa Sródmieście Station to Otrębusy Station
Walk 800 metres from Otrębusy Station to Mazowsze Ensemble’s headquarters in Karolin
Travel to and from Otrębusy Station is free of charge on Warsaw Commuter Railway (WKD) trains with a valid ticket to a Mazowsze performance at the Performance Hall in Karolin. The promotion is valid for two hours before and after the concert.