Karolin - Centre for Polish Folklore

Mazowsze National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble is one of the largest artistic ensembles of its kind in the world. Polish traditional dance, song, music and costume inspire its artistic programme, in which features of regional culture form the basis of intricate choreographies and musical compositions.

Mazowsze takes its name from the central Polish region in which it was founded and is based, though its repertoire has expanded to include representations of folklore from across the whole country. Over the past 75 years, Mazowsze has become a household name and has performed across the globe, earning the title of "Ambassador for Polish Culture".


As has been the case in capitals around the world, such as Paris, London and New York, Mazowsze has captured the hearts of the Greek public with their captivating dances, rhythms and rich, colourful costumes.


The ensemble is not an ethnographic museum. It is formed of young people, bursting with life, who have a deep knowledge of their craft and who are able to convey it to viewers and listeners on every continent.


At every performance, the moment the curtain rises, we can hear the same explosion of surprise, admiration and enthusiasm ...

Guy Dornand

LA LANTERNE - Brussels

... The subtle harmony of colours, beautiful costumes, ingeniuos choreography, rich variety of dances and excellent dancing technique, the feeling that nothing in the performance is artificial or faked - all this added to the remarkable success of Mazowsze.
Ab. Tys

LA SUISSE - Geneva

He who has not seen Mazowsze’s costumes, has seen nothing at all.
J. D.