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The Stanisław Jopek International Singing Competition
Auditions for the competition’s 4th edition will begin in September 2024
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The 4th edition of the Stanisław Jopek Singing Competition will extend its international remit. Auditions will take place online and at selected Polish centres worldwide.

The competition is split into a number of categories: for ages 8-13, 14-19, 20-25 and 26 and over.

Substantial prizes are offered to winners, and finalists will perform onstage with Mazowsze National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble.

The competition is also an opportunity to showcase young talent, with participants going on to work with the Mazowsze Ensemble Choir.

Competition Schedule

October 2024 – February 2025: The first round will be held in 49 locations around Poland.

March 2025 – June 2025: The second round will be held in 8 Polish regions and abroad.

October 2025 – The third round of the competition, workshops and the final will take place at Mazowsze Ensemble headquarters in Otrębusy – Karolin near Warsaw.

More information coming soon!

Subsidised by funds from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage