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Members of Mazowsze Ensemble dance their final number on stage dressed in Polish regional folk costumes

Suwałki | 75th Anniversary Concert

Mazowsze on Tour


Jacek Boniecki
Artistic Direction: Ballet
Zofia Czechlewska
Artistic Direction: Choir
Mirosław Ziomek
Suwałki Arena
ul. Zarzecze 26
16-400 Suwałki
Join Mazowsze at Arena Suwałki for an unforgettable anniversay performance, celebrating 75 years of vibrant song and dance. Featuring the most popular songs and captivating choreographies from the Ensemble’s repertoire and starring a huge cast of dancers and singers and musicians, the concert takes audiences on a journey through Poland, showcasing numbers inspired by folk songs and dances from villages and towns, as well as the so-called Polish “national” dances, which have heavily influenced Polish musical tradition.

Beloved for its superb dancing, beautiful costumes and glorious music, played live by Mazowsze’s orchestra under the baton of Director Jacek Boniecki, this anniversary concert will delight dedicated fans and first-time audience members alike.