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Siennica | Folk Songs and Patriotic Songs



Jacek Boniecki
Artistic Direction: Choir
Mirosław Ziomek
The Church of St. Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr in Siennica
ul. Mińska 34

Entry is free of charge

A Concert of Folk Songs and Patriotic Songs in Siennica 24.02.2024

Janina Ewa Orzełowska, member of the Management Board of the Mazowieckie Voidvodeship
Stanisław Duszczyk, Mayor of Siennica
Fr. Jerzy Danecki, Parish Priest
Jacek Boniecki, Director of Mazowsze Ensemble

invite you to a concert as part of events commemorating the restoration of Siennica’s town privileges

This concert of folk songs and patriotic songs is a compilation of the best known work of Tadeusz Sygietyński – composer, conductor, founder of Mazowsze Ensemble, and those songs which have accompanied Poles during key points in the history of their country.

The Mazowsze choir, orchestra and soloists will take you on a musical journey through space and time – through Poland’s many, diverse regions and through the partitions, wars and uprisings marking the last few centuries of the country’s history.

Join us for a remarkable cultural experience, a unique history lesson and for the opportunity to marvel at the artistic perfection of the Ensemble and its world-famous costumes.