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Ożarów Mazowiecki | A Kaleidoscope of Polish Colours



Jacek Boniecki
Artistic Direction: Ballet
Mirosław Ziomek
Artistic Direction: Choir
Zofia Czechlewska
Centrum Widowiskowo-Sportowe Gminy Ożarów Mazowiecki / Arena Ożarów, ul. Sochaczewska 21B
Entry is free of charge. Tickets (maximum 2 per person) can be collected from the "Uśmiech" Cultural Centre - ul. Poznańska 165 on:
* 27 March and 3-4 April between 10:00 and 18:00
* 28-29 March and 2 April between 8:00 and 16:00

A Kaleidoscope of Polish Colours | Ożarów Mazowiecki | 05.04.2024

Paweł Kanclerz, Mayor of Ożarów Mazowiecki
Andrzej Cichal, Head of the Municipal Council
Krzysztof Jabłoński, Director of the „Uśmiech” Cultural Centre
Dariusz Galant, Director of Arena Ożarów – CWS Ożarów Mazowiecki
Jacek Boniecki, Director of Mazowsze Ensemble

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Mazowsze’s flagship concert, and the essence of what the Ensemble has been presenting on the world’s stages for the past seventy five years. A whirlwind of colours, song, dance and music which leaves an unforgettable impression, the programme features the most popular songs and captivating choreographies from the Ensemble’s repertoire. It includes numbers inspired by folk songs and dances from villages and small towns across Poland, as well as the so-called Polish “national” dances – known throughout the country among various social groups – which have heavily influenced Polish musical tradition.  

Starring a huge cast of dancers and singers and a full orchestra, the concert takes audiences on a journey through Poland, from the Kaszuby region in the north, through Kujawy and Zielona Góra in western Poland, the central Mazowsze region, Lublin and Rzeszów in the east, down to Silesia and the highlands. Performers wear beautiful costumes inspired by traditional dress from up to twenty Polish ethnographic regions. Audiences will be delighted by the dazzling works of eminent Polish choreographers, including the legendary Witold Zapała. Many will be charmed by the melodies of  Mazowsze’s iconic songs, with which generations of Poles have grown up.

Beloved for its superb dancing, beautiful costumes and glorious music, played live by Mazowsze’s orchestra under the baton of Director Jacek Boniecki, this iconic production will delight dedicated fans and first-time audience members alike.