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"Mazowsze - a jewel in the crown of the Polish Republic"
Jerzy Waldorff

The Ensemble



Mazowsze Ensemble owes its iconic sound to its orchestra which, as befits an ensemble whose founder was a composer and conductor, takes its place among the most renowned orchestras in Poland. As well as its traditional repertoire, the orchestra regularly performs classical and religious pieces and concerts. It plays a vital part in creating the magic of a live Mazowsze performance.


Mazowsze’s choir, with its instantly recognisable sound, is unique in that its artists are both singers and dancers, in keeping with Polish folk tradition, where song and dance were inextricably linked. With its exquisite harmonies and broad repertoire, the choir has become a national institution, performing at home and abroad to great acclaim.


Mazowsze’s ballet group is formed of individuals who understand the stories they strive to portray and their significance to Polish tradition. Appreciative of the significance of folk dance, they are also trained classical dancers, practising their craft daily in order to do justice to the intricate choreographies and acrobatic elements in costumes which can weigh over 10 kilograms.


The director of Mazowsze Ensemble, conductor Jacek Boniecki, leads a team commited to creating, developing and sharing the company's unique and vibrant programme.


The success of Mazowsze Ensemble’s 150 artists would not be possible without the support of over 100 technical and administrative staff.


Mazowsze's headquarters are located in leafy Karolin, in the picturesque Młochowski Forest. Visitors can take in a concert at our Performance Hall or visit the Centre for Polish Folklore at the historic Karolin Palace. Karolin is located in 12 hectares of parkland, with an onsite restaurant and bed and breakfast.

Performance Hall

Our state of the art Performance Hall seats 540 people with a multipurpose 1100 m² auditorium. It provides a flexible and adaptable seating or workshop space, with a 270 m² stage, which makes it the perfect venue for a range of events and occasions.

Centre for Polish Folklore

The Centre for Polish Folklore in Karolin was born out of respect and passion for traditional folk culture. The permanent exhibition in the restored palace constitutes a colourful and musical journey through Polish culture, which inspires the work of Mazowsze Ensemble.


Discover regional specialities from across Poland, including plenty from the Mazowsze region, at our restaurant on the Karolin complex.  The menu is based on local and natural products, which form the bedrock of Polish traditional cuisine. We look forward to sharing a taste of Poland with you!

Gościniec „Mazowsze” - Bed and Breakfast

Our bed and breakfast, with rooms and apartments for 100 guests, is situated in 12 hectares of historic parkland and is part of the Karolin complex.

For enquiries and reservations please contact: 
email: gosciniec@mazowsze.waw.pl
tel: 22 208 84 44

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